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Based in Rome, the Vaiano-Cataldo Law Firm consists of a team of administrative lawyers headed by Prof. Diego Vaiano and by Francesco Cataldo.
The Firm is a recognized excellence in the legal field of Life Sciences, with particular regard to pharmaceutical law and medical devices, in relation to which it provides judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance to the most important Companies worldwide. Due to their high specialization and competence in this sector, Diego Vaiano and his Firm received numerous awards from the most authoritative specialized magazines and journals.

The Firm also provides legal counseling on public procurement – in particular on services and supplies – and in general on public and private contracts related to the reference sectors, offering support to its Clients at every stage of the procedure, from the study of tender deeds to the preparation of any requests for clarification or quotation documents, up to the executive phase, assisting them where necessary before the Regional Administrative Courts, the Council of State and the ordinary civil jurisdiction (Courts, Courts of Appeal and Court of Cassation).

Other areas of activity where the Firm can boast recognized expertise and experience are those of general health law, administrative licensing of public goods and services, trade and production activities, environment, construction and urban planning and public competitions. Last but not least, the experience gained by the Firm’s partners in arbitration & litigation is also significant.
Its swiftness in responding to the Client’s needs, its constant professional updating and the personal and passionate contribution of the partners and their collaborators in the management of each individual case constitute the distinctive trait of the Firm, whose success and reputation have always been based on the appreciation expressed by its Clients.

The Vaiano-Cataldo Law Firm also avails itself of well-established collaborations with a network of professionals with experience in complementary sectors, as well as with local counsels of the highest profile, thanks to whose contribution it can provide a comprehensive assistance to the Client in the aforementioned matters and before all regional Administrative Courts and all Civil Courts on the national territory.

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The firm now has 15 attorneys that provide judicial and extrajudicial assistance on pharmaceutical and healthcare and life sciences matters in favour of the major worldwide companies, and also has a consolidated experience in the following areas of administrative law: public procurements, utilities and public services, real estate, town planning and construction.

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